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Join the Hobart City Academy and accelerate your football skills. Our program provides tailored sessions for all ages, guided by specialist coaches.

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Discovery Program(ages 5-8)

  • We know the ages of 5 to 8 are vital in a child’s development and developing a real love for the game.
  • Our aim is to get each child to maximise the number of touches of the football each session. This will improve their 1st touch and dribbling the ball under close control. We will also aim to teach the fundamentals of passing the ball to other players with improving accuracy every training session they attend. We will introduce them to small games aimed at putting all their skills they learn into a fun environment.

Skills Acquisition Program (SAP) (ages 9-12)

  • In this age group, your child will start to see the benefits of the skills they developed in our 5-8 age group program. We’ll focus on refining these skills, with the aim of boosting their confidence in using both feet during gameplay. Additionally, we’ll introduce concepts of teamwork, emphasising how their positioning on the field can create opportunities for teammates, ultimately enhancing their decision-making abilities.
  • We’ll start teaching the fundamentals of defending individually and as a team, following our philosophy of keeping the ball. We’ll learn to play from the back at a fast tempo with the aim of retaining possession and creating scoring opportunities as a team.

Advanced Skills Program (Under 13s and above) – **BOOKED OUT**

  • Our academy program for players aged 13 and above is designed to provide advanced training and development opportunities.
  • Our sessions focus on enhancing technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning in a challenging and supportive environment.
  • We will continue the focus on the importance of teamwork, movement on the field and defensive fundamentals.


  • Academy Cost: Annual registration fee of $65, which includes an academy training kit (top, shorts and socks), and a fee of only $95 for each 8 week block. After each 8 week block is complete, you will be invoiced $95 only for the next 8 week block.
  • Schedule: Every Monday at 4:15-5:45 pm at Sandown Park, Sandy Bay.
  • For more information: email play@hobartcityfc.com

Players from clubs outside Hobart City FC are welcome to join.

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